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Cobra Walkie-talkie Micro Talk CXR725 27-MILE 22-CHANNEL Two-way Radio

Walkietalkie Micro Talk CXR725 27MILE

Clarion Mobile Electronics

Color: One Color
Package Quantity: 1

In my opinion, you will love that the radio offers this feature, hands-free operation (vox) and vibr alert silent paging. Other features include lead-free packaging. UPC Number 066511444856. The radio is 6" Height x 6" Length x 7" Width. It weighs around 0.22 lbs. Brand new Walkie-talkie Micro Talk CXR725 27-MILE . To find the best bargain on this two way radio together with other walkie talkies, visit the market button on this page.

The Cobra CXR725 can be a Micro TALK 2-way radio, two pack with up to a 27 mile range. This item comes in ROHS lead free packaging. This unit also capabilities hands-free operation (VOX) , Vibr Alert silent paging, call alert (10 selectable tones) , a backlit LCD display, a scanning function (channels/ privacy codes) , a single pin speaker/ microphone/ charge jack, a 10 channel memory, selectable hi/low power in GMRS, important lock, roger beep (selectable on/off) , important stroke tones (Selectable on/off) , a battery low indicator, battery/ power saver mode, signal strength meter, automobile squelch, a maximum range extender, and a belt clip. This unit consists of 22 channels, 142privacy codes (38 CTCSS codes/ 104 DCS codes) and comes total with 2 lithium ion battery packs, plus a 2-port desktop mini-charger.


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