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Quad-band Yaesu VX-8DR Submersible Vhf/uhf Amateur Radio Transceiver

Quad-band VX-8DR Submersible Vhf/uhf5 Star Rating
Quadband VX8DR Submersible Vhfuhf Quadband Yaesu VX8DR Submersible Vhfuhf Amateur Radio Transceiver Image 1
Best Deal For The Quad-band VX-8DR Submersible

The Quad-band Yaesu VX-8DR Submersible Vhf/uhf Amateur Radio Transceiver is a superb two way radio. One of the several major attributes for this item is the built-in spectrum analyzer, supports aprs 1200/9600 bps data communication. Best deal for the quad-band vx-8dr submersible . For the best deal for this radio or other two way radios, click on our affilate button.

Shop the lowest price on the Quad-band VX-8DR Submersible Vhf/uhf. quad-band yaesu submersible vhfuhf amateur radio

Discount Price: $469.00
Publisher: Yaesu
Model: VX8DR
UPC: 788026120949
Qty: 1

The Yaesu VX-8DR is the ultimate Hand Held transceiver for Amateur radio use! 5-999Mhz. Ready to go package Includes Wall charger, 1100ma Lio N battery, antenna and belt clip. Transmits on 4 Ham radio bands (50-54Mhz Six meter, 144-148Mhz Two meter, 222-225Mhz 1. With the optional FGPS-2 GPS module sold seperate, the radio is fully ready for APRS. Other Optional available accessories include: the MH-74A7A waterproof speakermike, the SDD-13 12Vdc Automotive power charge cable, the CD-41 desk Drop-in charger, CT-131 mic adapter, CT-M11, BU-2 Blue Tooth Chip, and the FNB-102li 1800ma hi capacity battery, CSC-93 Matching Case (all sold seperate ). 25M, 430-450Mhz 70cm) , and receives 0.

Features List

  • Receives 0. 5-999Mhz (less cell), AM-FMN-FMW, ctcss and dcs (PL and DPL).
  • Top Line Quad Band Water Proof Ham Radio Hand Held Transceiver!
  • Transmits 5W triple band at 50/144/440Mhz, and 1. 5W at 222Mhz (6M, 2M, 1. 25M, 70cm), with lower power settings.
  • Twin simultaneous receive and display, Alpha Numeric screen, Optional BU-1 Blue Tooth module and FGPS-2 GPS module for APRS available!
  • Built-In Spectrum Analyzer, supports APRS 1200/9600 bps data communication
  • Quantity: 1
  • Package: Height: 3.1" Length: 8.5" Width: 6"
  • Package Weight: 1.45 lbs.

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