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Midland Consumer Radio LXT535VP3 22-CHANNEL Camo Gmrs With 24-MILE Range

Consumer Radio LXT535VP3 22CHANNEL Camo

Midland Consumer Radio

Color: Camouflage
Package Quantity: 1

I feel you will like that the item comes with 22 channel gmrs with up to 24 mile range. Additional features consist of dual power option and hi/low power setting. It's 6" Height x 1" Length x 2" Width. It weighs around 1 lbs. The two way radio is available in camouflage. 0700621478096 is the barcode for this extraordinary item. Considering the particular characteristics with the radio that you need, you can be certain that you get what you require and require. Why pay for characteristics that you don't use? Check a number of brandnames unless you have one specially that you just favor. This method will allow you to purchase an incredible radio you will love! Remember when you are purchasing a two way radio, look for a guarantee. Choosing the Consumer Radio LXT535VP3 22-CHANNEL Camo , add to cart by clicking the link below.

The Midland LXT535VP3 is a pair of 22 Channel GMRS Radios with up to 24 Mile Range and function Mossy Oak Break Up Camo Faceplate. The LXT535VP3 functions Call Alert for incoming call notification and scan to check channels for activity. The radios function Hi/Lo Power settings with a Battery Save Circuit for extended battery life, Roger Beep, and Keypad Lock. Includes Rechargeable Batteries and Dual Desktop Charger. The LXT535VP3 is water resistant and has accessory jacks for Midland's AVP1, AVPH1, AVPH2, AVPH3, AVPH4, AVPH5 Headsets. Unlike other GMRS radios on the marketplace that use lithium batteries, Midland's Dual Power Option makes it possible for the use inside the included rechargeable batteries or 4"AAA"batteries (Not included ).


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