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Bao Feng UV-5R Plus Qualette Two Way Radio (flame Red)

Bao Feng UV5R Plus Qualette Two Way


Color: Flame red
Package Quantity: 1

Looking to buy radio? Get the Bao Feng UV5R Plus Qualette Two Way , a great radio made by Baofeng. UV-5R Plus Flame Red is the part number for this two way radio. The color of these radios is flame red. One of the several key features for these two ways is the bao feng /uv5r+ qualette series offers 4 colors for buyer to choose from. The two way radio is 3.9" Height x 7" Length x 6.1" Width and has a weight of 1.25 lbs. Study various models until you have one particularly for which you favor. This step will help you get an excellent two way radio that you will prefer! If you are getting a two way radio, get a warranty. Utilizing the world-wide-web just one or two clicks away you'll be able to do as little or as much investigation on the products you want to purchase. It's extremely simple one thing well-worth the time and energy, add to cart by selecting the link below.

What is Baofeng UV5R+ Qualette Series: Baofeng UV5R+ Qualette Series is going to be the newest ham two way radio produced by Baofeng in May of 2013. 8. 7. Multi-Language manual is available, including English, German and French. Solid construction, Small enough to fit in a pants pocket, Professional appearance3. Wider frequency coverage, the U band extends to 520MHz, Broadcast on VHF high and UHF bands on GMSR, MURS, and FRS. English-sounding voice to help walk you through numerous functions. Can listen to crystal clear FM Broadcast for them downtimes or in emergency communication scenarios. 6. The advantages over the 2013 version (ASIN:B0097252UK) is the fact that a 18cm/7FT boosted antenna replaces the old one and now comes in 4 new vibrant color options which includes Imperial Yellow, Flame Red, Royal Blue, and Jungle Camouflage. 4. Easy to operate and learn, Even in case you are not a radio expert, you will find each of the controls in a consumer friendly workbench setup 2. 5. Other Features:1. Built-in high brightness LED that could be utilised as a flashlight or alert system for emergency situations. Package Contents:1 x UV-5R PLUS Qualette Series,1 x 7. Large capacity Lion Battery can final 7-9 hours of continuous use. 4V 1800m Ah Li-ion Battery Pack,1 x Antenna (Extend to 18CM, support longer distance!) ,1 x Earphone Mic/Headset,1 x Belt Clip,1 x Hand Strap 1 x ENG / GER / FRA Manual,1 x Adapter,1 x Desktop Charger (100V ~ 240V) ,1 x Additional Plastic Protection Case It also comes with an extra plastic protection case that protects your radio from scratches and dings while generating it water resistant.


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