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Uniden 16-MILE 22 Channel Rechargable Frs/gmrs Two-way Radio Pair - Black (GMR1636-2C)

16MILE 22 Channel Rechargable Frsgmrs


Color: Black
Package Quantity: 1

There's no doubt that you will like that it offers this feature, pair of frs/gmrs family radios with 22 channels (15 gmrs, 7 frs) and up to 16 mile range. Additional features include things like scan helps you find others in your area. The two way radio comes in black. It's dimensions are 7.95" Height x 7.09" Length x 2.95" Width and weighs somewhere around 1.1 lbs.

Whether you're hiking, hunting, or just trying to keep track of your fellow explorer, this is in fact a great choice of two-way radio. As an added bonus, rechargeable AAA batteries are included, and may be charged appropriate in the device. With a range of up to 16 miles, the Uniden GMR1636-2 radios are ready for most activities, and feature 22 channels (7 FRS / 5 GMRS) , auto-squelch to lessen interference, channel scan and monitor features, and other convenient two-way basics like call tones and a roger beep.

Use the radios when camping, hiking, hunting, or even for keeping in contact with an additional individual in town.) The GMR1636-2 radios offer plenty of options getting a range of as much as 16 miles. (As with all GMRS radios, you'll get a lot more range in open terrain than in areas with a lot of high buildings.

The GMR1636-2 radio boasts a channel scan function that lets you easily scan all 22 channels (15 GMRS, 7 FRS ). Pressing the PTT (aka Push to Transmit) button while the scan is paused on a channel will permit you to transmit on that channel. Headset Jack When an active channel is detected, the unit pauses on that channel till the channel is clear. After a two-second delay, the radio will continute scanning.

A call tone and roger beep helps you know when transmissions to and from someone are beginning or ending. Rechargeable AAA Battery Power The GMR1636-2 features both, and you can turn the roger beep off if you'd prefer.

GMR1636-2 radios are powered by 3 AAA batteries. Rechargeable AAAs for every single single radio are included, together with an AC adapter for easy charging (the batteries are charged proper in the radio ). You can also power with standard alkaline batteries--keep a quantity of as backups and you'll be covered in the event you run out of juice. Note: License Required

Note that the GMR1636-2 radios operate on the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) frequencies, which call for a Federal Communications Commission License to operate. No license is required for operating FRS channels 8-14 or any channel in Canada. For licensing data and application kinds call (800) 418-3676 or (888) 225- 5322. Ro HS Compliant Product and Recycled Packaging

To promote a cleaner environment, this product was manufactured in accordance employing the Ro HS standard, which limits the use of substances like lead, mercury and cadmium. What's inside the box:Two GMR1636 Radios6 AAA Rechargable BatteriesAC AdapterReference GuideTwo Belt ClipsUniden GMRS Radio Comparison  The minimized packaging is also 100 percent recyclable, and printed with non-toxic inks.


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